William Shakespeare: A Visual Overview

There are thirty-six dramatic works attributed to William Shakespeare as per the first folio published in 1623. I analysed the text of these thirty-six plays and created a visualisation from the standpoint of the characters and the words they speak in each of these plays. Each bubble represents one character, and the words spoken by each character determine the size of the bubble, i.e. the larger the bubble, the more the character talks. The turquoise bubbles represent male characters, and the pink bubbles represent female characters. Each cluster represents one play. The chronology of the plays is based on the one presented by E.K. Chambers in 1930.

I also handpicked a few popular characters and traced their journeys based on their lines within the play. The visualisations show the journey of selected characters in their respective plays. The journey is shown through turquoise portions for male characters and pink for female characters i.e. every time these characters spoke their lines during the play. The grey background is the actual length of the play in terms of the total lines spoken throughout the play.

The text analysed for the visualisations was sourced from public domain material available on the internet.