What are the Post Grad students learning in India?

The ministry of HRD conducted an all India survey of higher education in 2018–19. A total of 962 universities, 38179 colleges and 9190 stand-alone institutions responded to the survey. One of the aspects of this survey was to look at the various indicators of the post-graduation programmes. As per the survey, 2.5% of colleges run the PhD programme and 34.9% of colleges run the post-graduate-level programmes.

Over 4 million students have enrolled in either PhD, M.Phil or post-graduation programmes across India. At the PhD level, the most number of students have enrolled in the Science stream followed by Engineering and Technology. At the Post Graduate level, most students have enrolled in the Social Sciences and Management comes at number two. The enrolment of female students is more than 50% for Sciences, Social Sciences and Languages; and around 40% for Engineering & Technology, and Management.

The chart shows the combined total of PhD, M.Phil and post-graduation enrolments for each of the subjects within the twelve different disciplines. Each bubble represents one subject, and the size of the bubble represents the total enrolments.

The data was sourced from the All India Survey of Higher Education, 2018–19 report published by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education, New Delhi.