India at the Olympics

The chart displays India’s delegation to each of the Olympic games. India first participated in 1900, with a lone athlete (Norman Pritchard) winning two medals- both silver in athletics. The nation first sent a team to the Summer Olympic Games in 1920, and has participated in every Summer Games since then. India has also competed at several Winter Olympic Games beginning in 1964. Indian athletes have won a total of 35 medals so far, all at the Summer Games. For a period of time, the Indian Men’s Field Hockey team dominated the Olympic competition, winning eleven medals in twelve Olympics between 1920 and 1980. The run included 8 gold medals total and six successive gold medals from 1928–1956. In 2020 Summer Olympics held in 2021, the participants won seven medals making it the best performance for India in Olympics so far. The data was obtained from Wikipedia, and

Medal Tally (in order of receiving the medal)

011900AthleticsMen’s Silver
021900AthleticsMen’s Silver
031928Field HockeyMen’s Gold
041932Field HockeyMen’s Gold
051936Field HockeyMen’s Gold
061948Field HockeyMen’s Gold
071952WrestlingMen’s Bronze
081952Field HockeyMen’s Gold
091956Field HockeyMen’s Gold
101960Field HockeyMen’s Silver
111964Field HockeyMen’s Gold
121968Field HockeyMen’s Bronze
131972Field HockeyMen’s Bronze
141980Field HockeyMen’s Gold
151996TennisMen’s Bronze
162000WeightliftingWomen’s Bronze
172004ShootingMen’s Silver
182008ShootingMen’s Gold
192008BoxingMen’s Bronze
202008WrestlingMen’s Bronze
212012WrestlingMen’s Bronze
222012ShootingMen’s Silver
232012BadmintonWomen’s Bronze
242012BoxingWomen’s Bronze
252012WrestlingMen’s Bronze
262012WrestlingMen’s Silver
272016WrestlingWomen’s Bronze
282016BadmintonWomen’s Silver
292021WeightliftingWomen’s Silver
302021BadmintonWomen’s Bronze
312021BoxingWomen’s Bronze
322021WrestlingMen’s Silver
332021Field HockeyMen’s Bronze
342021AthleticsMen’s Gold
352021WrestlingMen’s Bronze