Krunal is a self-taught information designer based in Mumbai. He uses design to make information compelling, insightful and navigable.

Information Design

To ensure the information is clear and insightful, it needs to be designed keeping in mind the principles of visual perception, context and reader needs. Information can often be complex and difficult to understand. The idea is to provide clarity rather than simplicity.


Interaction Design

If a reader has to click, it has to serve a purpose, it has to make them feel empowered rather than scrambling through enormous data. Interactions allows the information to be delivered effectively through progressive disclosure, and hence decreasing the cognitive load.


Design Consulting

For individuals and organisations to present their information effectively, it is important to understand the nuances of information design and have the ability to identify the appropriate visualisations that would suit their data and idea best.



Bespoke visualisations that transform information into compelling and insightful visuals.

Interfaces that are intuitive, easy to navigate and requires minimal effort from the reader.

Editorial Design
Editorial & Content Design such as Annual Reports, Marketing Campaigns, etc.

Design Consulting
Integrating design mindset for developing insightful data-driven solutions.